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What's a 'cap on class size?'

I’ve spent the last two days visiting the secondary schools in Moshi. It’s been great. I have had two wonderful guides (teachers from local schools) and a driver from the Municipality. I’ve seen schools with literally no equipment and no power, and others with some and more equipment. All the equipment that is there is really old and much of it not useable. Chemistry seems the area that is seeing the most ‘doing’.

I have 5 more schools tomorrow visit. Of the 10 schools I’ve invited so far I have around 38 teachers coming to a workshop that has a capacity of 25 – 30. After tomorrow we should be really busting at the seams. They are all welcome as I realize that this is a typical obstacle that most of them face daily. Class sizes of 50, 60 and even 70 students.

"Someone's watching over you" Kiusa Secondary School

It was really great to individually meet all the science teachers. I am grateful to the Municipal Council for sending out the letter of introduction which allowed each school to organize their teachers to be able to meet me. They are all very kind and I can’t wait to see them all in one room….

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