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It's a baby cabbage

Tomorrow is the launch of the Do Science Tanzania workshops. I think all is in order. I am proud to say I was able to find all the things I wanted this week after giving my feet a workout every day searching.

I found white board material and got it cut down so I have 24+ pair sized boards for collaboration.  The duka la dawa (pharmacy) came through with my order for Calcium Chloride and Phenolpthalein. It came from Dar Es Salam and arrived in only 2 days.  Amazing.  I bought a stop watch for $1.75 and bonus….it works….plastic hosing for waves, also for lungs…exacto  knives….

Everyone told me I would not be able to find red cabbage in Tanzania, at least definitely not in Moshi……Ahahahahaha…..Found it right in the town market.  Red Cabbage juice makes an excellent pH indicator.

I’m excited about having all the teachers together in one room tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for no major hickups…..Thanks again Everyone.

View from my front door


  1. I’m sure you realize that you can bring the concept of ph home to the students by using the Red Cabbage juice to demonstrate the ph of tap or household water.

  2. It sounds like things are going well – excellent!

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