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What IS inside?

They came in big numbers. 50 science teachers from the Moshi area attended Monday’s workshop. We lost 10 on Tuesday due to committments with exams and classes. Everyone was enthusiastic and the participation was wonderful.

We modeled thinking exercises, conducted sample labs, investigated computer simulations and interfacing equipment, looked at some DVD resources. and networked. I understand there are no opportunities for teachers to get together like this so they mostly don’t know each other.

On the planning side, we discussed challenges in getting the active learning into the classroom and brainstormed first steps in overcoming these challenges. Teachers split into groups and made prioritised (long) wish lists for equipment. We made plans to meet again in two weeks (Feb 23) by which time we will have conducted some activities with the students.

Day One DST Group

Tomorrow and Friday I am going to Kiboriloni Secondary School to help Janeth (Physics Teacher) do Speed of Sound experiments with her Form IV students. These would be equivalent of around our grade 11. We will conduct three separate labs from low to high tech. We will prep the lab Thursday and conduct it Friday. The 70 students will be divided into 3 groups and will rotate through the 3 experiments. I hope this isn’t too ambitions.

I have discovered an excellent helper. His name is Carsten. He helped with the workshops and was really good. I will take him to school on Friday and see how he does with the students. That way there will be 3 supervisors, one for each group.

Fingers crossed…..can’t wait to see how we pull it off.

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