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The weather is changing here in Tanzania. The rains are coming more frequently and the temperature is cooler. I am learning why they make their homes from mud bricks. I live in a very muddy community. I’m sure it will get much worse.  The fields around here have all been prepared and are being planted.  Every square foot is used and all prepared by hand and muscle.  I can’t wait to see what crops come up.  The carrots here are very good and sweet.

I have spent the week sourcing equipment and meeting with individual schools to make plans. At Kiusa SS we are planning to make a new science room. Fortunately we don’t have to make the room. We will paint the back wall for periodic table and a projection screen. We will have the students create science related materials to decorate the walls. We only need 100m of extension cord to get power from the primary school to this room. The head teacher is on board.

I am working on getting First Aid Training for the teachers. They have to teach full units on First Aid, however none of of them have any training.  I have a representative from St. John Ambulance Tanzania coming to our workshop this coming Wednesday.  We will make plans to at least get training for one teacher from each school.  We will also work on getting first aide kits in all the schools.  Doing Science means potential for safety issues.

Ready to go today with the workshop. Unfortunately it is exam time aso some teachers are unable to come. It looks like we’ll be 25-30 today.

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  1. Hey! Great blog. I would love to see some more pictures and descriptions about the people… Your reception, any moments where you knew your awesome mad scientist volunteer dream was worth it, anything. I have always wanted to travel somewhere and help remote communities. I think it’s so fantastic you’ve turned that goal into a reality. How did you plan it, how long did it take to pull together… How different will you feel when you have to head back home?

    Thanks again, and I look forward to following your physics adventures. 🙂

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