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We were a smaller group yesterday at the third DST workshop. This was apparently midterm exam time so many teachers were unable to come.

Found some lovely brass slinkies

We are finding the venue a bit noisy at times due to the primary school next door. They are quite loud during break times. The language barrier is still an issue, preventing some teachers from really being comfortable enough to be freely vocal.

How can we project this tiny electroscope?

We had a good day. We conducted a DNA extraction lab from bananas, precipitated copper from solution, played with lots of waves and electrostatics equipment and investigated some CD resources which will be very helpful.

Alliy Leyeme - St. John Ambulance, Tanzania

We have organized First Aid Training for teachers for April 8 and 9. We will hold two sessions conducted by the representative from St. John Ambulance, Tanzania.

Tomorrow I will visit Msasani Secondary School to facilitate waves and electrostatics. They have completed the units and will now demostrate the concepts with real equipment. Saturday I will go to Korongoni SS, again to do waves and then an acceleration due to gravity lab.

Things are progressing well as the teachers realize that I am actually here to support and serve them. They can ask for whatever they need and I will try to accommodate. I am doing everything I can to respond immediately to their requests so as to emphasize that I am serious.

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  1. Pleased to hear you connected with St John and Alliy. Your commitment to helping teachers find all the resources they need to increase the effectiveness of teaching is evident and appears much appreciated. Hard to believe how much you have been able to accomplish so early in the project. Congratulations~

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