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'Seeing' voices

Saturday I got up waaayy early because class at Korongoni SS starts at 7am on Saturday. So I arrived at 6:20am to find no one but Maasai Security. Finally the teacher came but the students seem to arrive for 8am to this 7am class. To give them credit though, they did stay until 1pm. 6 hours of labs on a Saturday….Hard Core.

Listening for Resonant Lengths

We spent 4 hours demonstrating all the concepts in the sound unit. The power was present (we borrowed it from a neighbour, 150m away) but cuts out regularly, causing my projector to turn off and need to cool down before starting up again. That was a bit annoying but at least it was quiet on the Saturday and there was a beautiful view of Kilimanjaro over the roof of the school. Looks like there is a fair bit of snow up there.

Hard Core - Form IV - Korongoni SS


  1. It is so brave to keep teaching even on Saturdays.

    I have read all your posts so far and i have been truly inspired.

    Oh and i love the format of the blog too :

  2. 6 Hours Lab?! I don’t even do that in college =P
    Looks like you’re doing some great stuff there in Tanzania.
    You should post up some pictures of what the school looks like

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