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The paper MUST be charged! ... but who charged it?

I spent Friday afternoon at Msasani SS facilitating electrostatics activities with two classes of Form II students. We had the white boards going and students were diagramming and predicting behaviours of situations they would then demonstrate with an electroscope, ebonite and (no fur in Moshi) plastic and balloons. The power was out but the laptops held on enough that they could have a look at some simulations, which they enjoyed.

Hey....we were right!

The classes were big and I found myself facing one of the challenges that these teachers meet daily. The students in class are many but are attentive and not very noisy, however, outside there are many children on break or having finished the day’s classes and much chatter is going on. Then it started raining and the classroom has a tin roof. Oh my, I found it extremely hard to find my voice and with the language barrier thrown in, to make myself understood. The students were very helpful and enthusiastic.

I will be back at Msasani Monday with Form IV.

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