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Elizabeth receives her certificate from Alliy

Twenty teachers received their First Aid Certification over the two classes. I decided to hold them at the Buffalo Hotel for the cleanliness and comfort since there are many practical exercises.  It was a good decision.  Everything went well and the teachers were extremely happy to receive their training. 

ResusciAnnie allows teachers to Do First Aid

I feel like I’m still taking much for granted, as I have attended many, many First Aid Classes over my lifetime.  I think starting back in swimming lessons and I even remember taking one at Voyageur Travel with their staff.  These teachers are adults and have never taken any First Aid training.  It was fun to watch them fumble

Neema breathes life into Annie

through and eventually master the exercises. 

Dr. Lilac (left)

We had lots of laughs and the instructor was very good.  We were also fortunate to have a medical doctor join in who came with Alliy Lyeme from Dar Es Salam.  Dr. Lilac Mabeba was able to answer questions and contribute more detail when required and it was very nice just to have another resource.


  1. So pleased to hear the first aid went well. All of your pictures are great and it helps to see DOSCIENCETANZANIA in action. Your work is amazing and the progress you have made in such a short time is very real. I hope you are sharing the positive experience that is being imparted by this project.
    Looking forward to all your updates.

  2. Really cool what you’re getting to do over there. A skill like that will surely last them a life time and I have no doubt they will use it.

  3. You’re saving lives by teaching others to save lives. That’s pretty awesome. Well done, you.

  4. Hi, great stories from your volunteering. I wanted to point out the new CPR guidelines that you might teach in the future. Basically, rescue breathing has been removed and as it has been shown that chest compression alone is more successful. Here’s the American Heart Association website:

  5. Great blog! I love seeing all the pictures of the people you are helping. Keep up the good work. You are making a difference.

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