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Titration of Asperin

Ok so we need to work on communication.  Workshop IV for teachers was very poorly attended.  The dates of term, exams and breaks vary for all schools and no one seems to know when they are until the day of.  At least that is my impression.  A few teachers could not attend due to exam supervision and many others apparently did not get the message and/or did not reply.  I can only contact them through cell phone/ text message.  A representative had volunteered from each school to pass on messages to all the teachers.  This is obviously not working so we’ll work on that for next term.

Sabrina, Biology Teacher

 Those who did attend got right in there with titration labs and further DNA extraction.  We are still having very little success with the DNA.  We met Sabrina who is a volunteer teacher or student teacher from Germany.  She is very good and will be very helpful in facilitating the communication at least with Moshi SS.


  1. This is really incredible work you’re doing, I wish I had the skills and opportunity to do the same. Perhaps some day I will.

  2. I just browsed through your posts and I have to say I’m impressed and a bit envious. I don’t know that I could handle what your’e doing, but I can’t imagine the experiences you are having day to day. Thank you for helping your fellow humans.

  3. Keep up the good work, it is people like you who make this world a better place.

  4. Ran into your blog while redditing and saw all the great work you are doing. Keep it up!

  5. I find the work you are doing incredible! Please, keep it up and stay hopeful. You are making a difference.

  6. What you guys are doing is wonderful. Keep up the awesomeness.

  7. Interesting! Wish i could have fun with DNA.
    Good job!

  8. Great work you are doing.

  9. My friend is going to Tanzania this summer and I am very jealous! I love all of the pictures and descriptions, you are truly an amazing person! Keep up the good work!!!!

  10. Keep up the great work!

  11. Amazing stuff you are doing! Keep up the good work and never look back. The little things really count, one of those people you got CPR training might save a life one day. Hopefully you helping these teachers can then inspire them to inspire their students. I wish you the best!

  12. Good work. Keep it up.

  13. I love what you’re doing and I have some brainstorm style suggestions. Throw them out if they’re crap:

    It sounds like technology is not your friend in this place, so try to go old-school. Raise a bright, tall flag to signal school’s in session or hire a kid with a scooter to physically visit all of the students/ teachers to remind them.

    Even if interest is low, keep up your efforts! Even if you only teach one person that is a big help. Who knows what that one person will accomplish, if they’re anything like yourself they’ll do a lot!

  14. directed here by some credible people. Truly great, inspiring work. Few people are able to use so much of themselves in an endeavor such as this. So many think that giving the gift of money or food is enough, but your gift of knowledge and time will undoubtedly prove more beneficial in the long run. Assistance comes in many forms, and I believe that your efforts are testament to all that can be done right.Bravo, good work and please keep us updated.

  15. Much respect for what you are doing.

  16. Tanzania is a great place. Kenya tends to hog all the attention. Good job you for making a difference in such a great country! Keep it up!

  17. Sounds like a huge challenge, I hope things get easier. Keep us updated.

  18. Hellllll-o Sabrina

  19. From one HS teacher to another: you are AMAZING! I haven’t had a chance to read the whole story, but I’m very impressed by your dedication. Keep up the great work, and try not to get discouraged.

  20. Ubuntu: I am a person through other people, my humanity is tied to yours. Right on.

  21. Hi,

    Great work. If you have the capability to link a video, please do. I’m sure a lot of us would like to learn and grow with y’all.

    Once again, great work!

  22. This is awesome work! Keep on teaching!

  23. Would love a video. This is some pretty inspirational work you’re doing here. You should be proud of yourself.

    • Good Question. I think the mud hardens like brick and then doesn’t lose it’s structure again. Also having a roof prevents total soaking of the mud. Some houses are made of a stick structure with mud packed on top of the sticks. Others are made of actual bricks made of the clay mud. I also see along the highway bricks made of concrete.
      Thanks for your interest.

  24. Thanks for doing good in such a far away place! It takes a lot of courage!

  25. Wow, it takes serious guts to do this. Don’t ever get discouraged, you’re doing a great thing!

  26. We need more people like you in the world, spreading the wonders of science to teachers and students that may not have had the chance if it weren’t for your dedication.

  27. Nice job keep it up, we need more people like you.

  28. Thanks for making the world a brighter and smarter place!

  29. What you’re doing is great, keep up the good work! Very interesting blog. I would love to see some videos in the future.

  30. What you’re doing is truly amazing and it makes me proud as a fellow Canadian. Have you considered posting up a video of the work you’re doing in Tanzania ?

  31. Awesome work you’re doing!

  32. It’s people like you that makes the world worth living!
    Amazing job, keep it up!

  33. You are doing a great job! Heard about your story at Reddit

  34. I really appreaciate what you’re doing!

    Know that your work is inspiring people from around the world 🙂

    Thank you.

  35. This is really cool! Keep being awesome!

  36. inspiring stuff!! we all know a lot of people who say they want to make a difference. You are doing it! all the respect in the world!

  37. Great work keep it up REDDIT SHOW UP FOR THE WHITE COP!

  38. Great work you’re doing, I’m sure they’re very grateful!

  39. Saw your blog mentioned on Reddit and am really impressed with what you are doing. Keep it up, don’t lose heart, myself and many others have added you to our RSS feeds and will be following your progress and cheering you on!

  40. Wonderful work. Keep it up!

  41. cool story sir!

  42. I wish ppl like you ran the world. We need more compassionate and caring ppl now more so than ever. I really like what you have done here and keep up the good work. I hope you can someday find a way to make this mainstream so it can pay for itself. Happy Easter btw and good luck.

  43. It’s really awesome what you’re doing. You’re my hero.

  44. Incredible. You’re a strong being.

  45. You’re doing a really great thing. It’s a real inspiration! Keep it up. I’ll look forward to your next post.

  46. nice work!

  47. Keep up the good work, any chance of some more pictures of the surroundings?

  48. The world needs more people like you. As an Engineering student, physics has reshaped my perspective of the world and has extended it to encompass the entire universe. You are giving people the opportunity to know why things are that may have never had the chance.
    You’re an awesome person and you have my best wishes.

  49. Inspiring keep up the great work.

  50. good job physics lady

  51. Good on you! Keep sharing your knowledge and keep working to make the world a better place. Whether people see your work on this site or not, please know that you actions are appreciated and will leave a permanent resonance on all those you have touched. Keep on keeping on, you are making a difference, which is 100x more than what most people can say about their own lives.

  52. Hey great blog, one thing why are the houses made out of mud doesn’t the rain wreck them?

  53. If only more people did what you do.. The world would be a better place. Amazing work 🙂

  54. I’m Making a note here, huge success

  55. I wish there were more teachers like you.

  56. Just amazing

  57. Working in Tanzania is my dream! I hope to be doing the same thing within five years! Great work 🙂

  58. This is just awesome, keep doing what you are doin 😀

  59. I am a 9th/10th grade English teacher in NYC.
    Thank you for all of your hard work. It means so much to all of us.

  60. Very good work you are doing here. I am a physics teacher in SC and will be going to Africa in 2 years to to a similar project. Keep up the good work.

  61. Sounds like you’re doing great work. Keep it up! Very Cool.

  62. You are making a positive impact on the Earth by doing this. Keep up the good work!

  63. Well, what I want to say has already been said so I’ll just end with ❤

  64. So awesome that projects like this exist in the world!

  65. Wish I had the money or capability to do what you’re doing now.

  66. You’re awesome! I’ve volunteered in Africa as well, and I know it can be so draining one day and then so energizing, uplifting and moving the next—I hope you’re having a great experience, overall.

    You’re making the world a better place.

  67. nice what you are doing is truly inspiring. keep it up!

  68. Keep up the good work!
    It is a great initiative, I wish you the best.

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