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I’ve been having some technical difficulties posting to my blog.  I appreciate all the comments and feedback I’ve received.  I will update soon as we may have solved the problem.  (Thanks Richard).  I am off to Dar Es Salam today for the week as many schools are closed for the end of term / Easter break.

Please stay tuned.



  1. Keep up the good work. I took a holiday in Tanzania this year and was amazed at the people. Thanks.

  2. Good work volunteering in a foreign country. If i could I would. If you need any assistance or information when it comes to computers or networking feel free to email me. Anyways kudos to you for putting others ahead of yourself and trying to improve the lives of less fortunate people.

  3. Like the blog! Found you on Reddit.

  4. Hi,

    I found this blog via a link from Reddit.

    Just so you know, I highly respect you for what you’re doing, and I really enjoy this blog! :-). I’m a student teacher right now, and I’m going to be a math teacher in Los Angeles in the fall.

    Hope all is well,


  5. Keep up the good work guys! It’s amazing what you’re doing!

  6. Hey, just found your blog. I really appreciate that people like you are in the world doing good work like this. Keep it up! Let us know what it’s like working with these kids vs working with american kids.

    • Hello Thanks so much for reading my blog. I can tell you for sure there is no sense of entilement here. The students work hard to clean the school and maintain the property. There are no carestaff to pick up after them. They are extremely polite and helpful. You cannot walk across the campus even a small bag without several students rushing to ask if they can help you carry your things. They are very appreciative.


  7. Too many visitors? 😛

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