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We are slowly moving into the new term.  We have a workshop coming up next week.  We will focus on activities for nutrition…food testing. In physics we will do some electromagnetism.

I also want to focus on the nature of us as people to remain in our comfort zone and raise some awareness for the discomfort that risky new ventures presents and the pride and excitement that results from doing so. I think many teachers are holding back from revising their programs.  I also know this takes time.  From the perspective of a teacher, often you need to ponder ideas for a while before being ready to apply them in your classes.

Last week, finding myself without teachers or students, I went to Dar Es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania.  I should say I went through it because I ended up on the beach on the coast at a lovely resort that is not yet finished.  I spent 3 beautiful days relaxing under a palapa and enjoying the tides and fishing boats….and the rain just to keep you on your toes.   It is like a very nice Mexican beach without all the people and vendors.  Long bus ride though…10 hours there and 10 hours back…very squished.

Thank you for all the comments coming in. I have been having some bad luck with my technology but will try to keep updated.

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