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A teacher from Moshi Secondary School is interested in twinning his school with a school overseas.  Moshi SS is an all boys school, fairly well established (old) offering Form I to Form VI. These are 6 years of high school, following grade 7.

If you would like more about this I can put you in contact.  I’m not really sure what is involved but you could probably make it something mutually beneficial by talking with the teacher.


  1. Diana

    This sounds like a great opportunity. What are the ages of the students. I am not sure how the Forms translate.
    Sounds like things are ramping up again. Hope this is a great week.
    The weather is nice this weekend although we have been pretty busy with the last dance competition so no time in the garden yet.
    Soon I hope …
    of course the grass already needs cutting.
    Miss you …

  2. Hi Diana,

    I’ve been following your website, and I must say you’re doing an incredible job!! I just sent Patrick W. a message detailing your website and email address there, so don’t be surprised if you hear from a few Ontario teachers.

    I’ll be attending the conference in Hamilton Thurs and Fri, then Judy and I are leaving for Estonia, etc., on May 15.


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