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Last Friday I visited Kiboriloni SS having not heard from them in a while.  I found that Janeth was not getting my sms messages.  She is also quite sick with flu and malaria.  We made plans for several lab activities for this week.

Monday we started with optics in Form III.  The room was extremely difficult to manoeuvre through as there are 80 desks and no spaces.  Somehow we managed to talk about focal points for mirrors and students used their mirrors to find the image position of a light bulb.  Since they cannot move around, we discussed how the image position got progressively shorter and gradually becoming constant as we looked at results obtained towards the back.  (Ok so it wasn’t as clear as all that) This is how we eliminated the need for each student to stand up and move FAR AWAY from the light source.

Locating images in curved mirrors

Hey, they are starting to get it

Tuesday I woke up before the sun.  There was no power so I gathered my things together in the dark and headed off armed with my 6 foot, 3 inch copper pipe which we will use Wednesday for electromagnetism.  I took two dala dalas and got myself to school by 7am.  At Kiboriloni students were actually there and you can always count on the fact that someone will find you and help you carry your things from the highway.

Amazing the difference

Amazing the difference

So we spent an hour organizing the classroom.  We gathered like desks together to form groups of 6 facing each other in order to do group activities.  It was quite a chore but having experience in my own class arranging the right and left handed desks (stolen in under cover of darkness from other classes) and white and brown desks, and with many students to help, we were happy with the results.  The photos will show a much more structured class where you can even walk from one side to the other without climbing over chairs or desks.  We planned it so that if you needed a lecture format the front side of each group could just turn their desks around, in place, and then everyone is facing the front.

Measuring angles formed by the laser as it passes from air to plexiglass

Tuesday we had two optics activities going on.  A qualitative refraction activity with parallel glass blocks and a quantitative lab to discover the relationship between the angle of refraction and the angle of incidence.

Checking their skills at parallax

Preparing the refraction activity

After the class, an English/History teacher was asking me how I was seeing their school.  I started to tell him about organizing the desks and so we stopped by the class to see them and…… my disappointment……they and the students were completely gone……..turns out it wasn’t their permanent classroom so they took all the desks back to their room…..Tomorrow is another day.  We’ll start again.

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