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Watch the low coefficient of friction on that inclined desk!

We tried to do this lab on Wednesday but had to abandon it due to lack of readiness and safety reasons.  We are working with strong acids and bases and I didn’t want to take any chances.  Doing a chemistry lab with 70 students would be difficult at the best of times.

Too bad chemistry is no fun.

We have to modify our procedures…for example we had to do the lab sitting down.  We felt this was, in the end, safer than having that many people moving about.  I now have just about enough safety glasses for everyone.  On Thursday we tried again and had a successful session.  It did mean we had to do a lot of waiting on tables in order to reduce the amount of traffic in the room but it turned out well.

Testing pH

They created the red cabbage indicator and tested it on 10 samples of varying concentrations of HCl and NaOH.  They then calibrated the cabbage indicator using Universal Indicator paper.

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