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Mr. Tarimo, Biology Teacher

Flexibility is the key around here.  Students are on break these next two weeks so we decided to take the opportunity to get the Form I hands on Microscopes.  I showed up Monday to find that a field trip from Saturday had been rescheduled for Monday so many of the form I students were hoping to go to Marangu.  After trying to find keys to unlock doors etc…we took the 15 students who were not going and gave them a chance for a head start.  They became our ‘experts’ and we then used a few of them today (Tuesday) to show the others how to care for the microscopes and to prepare and view a slide of onion cells.  The boys I think felt good about (proud) to do this.

Boys explain how to care for the microscope

Today, to manage the group we split them in two and introduced them to Bill Nye.  I showed them the program on cells and I think they enjoyed it.  They were able to watch it twice, except that the power (that we borrowed from the primary school) went out after the first run through in the second group… Too bad.  We were going to show the Form IV group a movie about DNA…so we’ll try again tomorrow.

Bill Nye Sells them on Cells

These kids are also on holiday but Mme Kisanga has had a class of I’d say at least 50 students for the last two days and we expect the same throughout the two weeks.  Next week we plan to do some food testing with them.

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