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…this blogging.  Just to let you know that I am having a lot of difficulty uploading to this blog.  The last entry took me several hours and I had to start again many times.  So if you are reading this and thinking “why did she not position that better?”; “why are they out of order”, or some other such observation….I apologize.


  1. Diana – we really don’t care if things are out of order or “disorganized” (in your view). We just so appreciate hearing what you are doing with this amazing project, and seeing the photos that you do manage to post really brings it to life.

  2. The presentation of material and pictures from our side really does look great – I think sometimes it is hard to get a perspective when you are deep in the project — but be assured — it is very impressive.
    You must have incredible patience to do this at all. The enthusiasm for learning does make a huge difference and sometimes gets you over the rough spots. I find that a major difference between the work I do in the Caribbean vs what I do here.
    Take heart – it is all great! Try to enjoy the successes. There appear to be many.

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