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"free falling?" magnets

In Form IV, I set up some electromagnetism stations. They investigated magnetic fields around magnets using iron filings and compasses. They performed the Motor Principle and made a speaker. They induced current in a coil and then in an extension cord using Earth’s gravitational field and used Lenz’s Law to explain why the magnet floats down the copper pipe. This went really well except that the power went out the second we turned on my new expensive power supply, so they could not see fields around wire until Day II.

Mapping Magnetic Fields

On Day II we had power, (for a short while) and could show magnetic fields around w

ires and solenoids. We discussed all the findings of the day before and then when I was going to show them slides of the accelerator at CERN, … the power went out. That’s just the way it is around here.

Two students in particular showed a keen interest in doing more science and we’ve decided to hold some weekend movie sessions.

Calculate that changing Flux


I smiled when I asked them if they were going to be on holidays soon for the month of June. The response was….

“We have already started our holidays, day before yesterday”. Here students come to school even on holidays because they have an opportunity to learn more.

Yes....there's a teeny, tiny, little induced current!

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