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School is out for students at Kiussa SS yet if you stop by you’ll notice 80 form IV Biology students showing up every day to attend class with their dedicated teacher Mme Neema Kisanga.  I am very impressed with both students and Neema.  The students patiently wait in the morning before 8am and when called upon, jump in to help set up the lab.  They have been studying food testing and doing a series of lab activities.  Due to the lack of timetable, Neema is able to split the class in two and make the lab manageable.  The only thing you might observe is that several students will be out of uniform.  They are showing their personal style by wearing different shoes or the odd shirt that is not white. It was interesting to see the primary school students who are ‘on holidays’ this week too, showing up to class in peasant skirts, T shirts and colourful scarves. Some have had their hair done in long braids.  Other teachers are also giving classes this week but none with the turnout of this Form IV group.

It's scary on the floor but really not many options

Very small working space.

The science students work on very small student desks with kerosene burners on the floor.  There are no sinks so glassware is washed in buckets and everything is done while bending over.  The students are serious and focused.  On

A great science team



Thursday they were given a sample of unknown ingredients and they had to conclude as to what was in it.  They got to make their own decisions as to how to proceed with the two samples, as there were no step-by-step instructions.  As I surveyed their results, they were mostly all successful.  Of course some will learn the importance of mixing the sample thoroughly before pouring so that sediment can also be tested.  I noticed some did not test positive for starch as the maize flour had settled to the bottom of the flask. … All part of learning technique.

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