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On Friday while doing my school visits I received a text only a short time after leaving Karanga SS.  I was invited to come back today to play with waves and sound.  It was a class of Form IV…around 50 students.  We had 80 minutes to illustrate as much as we could on the topic.

There was power without problems and we managed to make room to move around.  I even got students up dramatizing particles in a medium.

The students were very receptive and asked me to come back really soon to help them with their optics practicals.  This school is quite small and relatively far away from town on a very  badly rutted road.  Eunice, their teacher, has participated in several of my workshops but I hadn’t ever been to class there before so I was happy to get the invitation.  Welcome to DST Karanga!

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  1. Hi Diana,
    What a pleasure to read your stories! Despite all the challenges, you must feel incredibly rewarded. Imagine having students come to school during their holidays, thirsting for knowledge. Wow!! Keep up the great work. Al

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