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Looking ahead to the future

Mme Neema Kisanga, Biology teacher at Kiusa Secondary School has implemented

motivational sessions for her Form IV students.  This involves going off site on Saturday and holding discussions about the students role in the direction of their lives.  I was not invited to the first one.  I understand there were 14 students.  I was asked to support the next one.  Yesterday, 60 students came out to the Umoja Hostel where I booked a large hall for their meeting.  The students arrived, dressed up as if for a formal dinner.  Mme Kisanga told me after that the students would not likely have a graduation and so this was a bit of an ‘instead’.   We watched Dr. David Suzuki speak and then a bit of IMAX life under the sea movie while we waited for all to arrive.

Neema Kisanga and her husband

Of course 2:00 start means maybe 3:00 in Tanzania.

Neema’s husband conducted the session and DST then provided a meal for the students of chicken and chips or rice.  They students were  most appreciative and thanked me formally and from the heart.

This wasn’t specifically science based but I felt it was valuable nonetheless.

The group

Look.... I'm in a photo!


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  1. congratulation madam kisanga god be with you

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