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Meshack Timoth, Korongoni Secondary School, Moshi

On September 28, we held the sixth DST Workshop for teachers.  This time all activities were organized and run by Meshack.  Meshack is an envisioned science teacher with a broad scope of interest across Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  He has wonderful ideas and also understands first-hand the challenges that he and the other teachers here are facing.

The day started by previewing some of the HIV related dvds that were recently purchased..  We then shared ideas about future of DST and Meshacks plan for a Hands-on Science Centre for Moshi.  It was a small group due to the problems of teachers being assigned to National exams, last minute.  We distributed first aid kits to all schools represented and provided each teacher with a First Aid Training video provided by the Canadian National Office of St. John Ambulance.  We also distributed CPR face shield pouches to each teacher.

Intense Frog Anatomy

The remainder of the morning was spent doing frog dissections.  Meshack put the frog down with Chloroform.  It was fast and painless.  You can still see the heart beating inside.  Very fascinating.  These biology teachers were well enthralled in their studies.

Ran out of propane....




Later on Meshack conducted a Salt Analysis Lab.  The students will be given a sample and asked to conduct tests to determine which elements are present in the salt and decide on the formula of the salt.  This is authentic science.

Fortunately we have a Lab Supply store located very nearby in the Bus Station.  We always find we are in need of something as the day progresses so it is handy to be able to run out and pick it up.  They are also very kind and can give me materials on credit allowing me to come back next day to pay.

Slowly my DST chemical supply is growing so I should not have to be buying everything we use each time.

The Teacher Education Centre, which is being renovated is almost finished and it looks wonderful.  Our next workshop will be there which will reduce our costs a lot.  The year is going quickly. I hope we’ll have one or two more workshops if we can pull the teachers away from school.

Thank you Meshack for organizing this day.  Your passion for science is infectious.  Your students are very lucky to have you.


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  1. I really enjoyed meeting some teachers and getting to know more about DST firsthand.
    I learned more about your life in Moshi each day of my visit.
    It was wonderful to be there. Thank you Diana. Mom

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