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If you’ve been following Do Science, I’m sure you’ve been wondering what is happening.  I apologize for the lapse in communication.  I have been experiencing an increasing frustration with my internet connections.  Many interruptions which make it impossible to upload.  Do Science is plugging along.

The schedule for high schools at this time of year make it not very busy for me.  The schools are involved extensively with national exams.  This means that the school is basically closed except for the classes writing the exams.  Teachers are taken from other schools to come to invigilate the exams.  It is very confidential and this makes it difficult for teachers to plan their activities.  They may show up for school today to find they are being sent to another school for national exams.  It also means that there is little time for in class activities in science or anything else.

The school year will end in November and it seems they close them down grade by grade.  First Form 6, then form 5…  Form 4 is finishing up around now.

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