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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Introducing the Local Executive of Do Science Tanzania. Neema, Elirehema and Meshack will organize the workshops in January through to June of 2012.  Neema will Chair the committee.

Mme Neema Kisanga

Mr. Meshack Timth

Mr. Elirehema Mungaya

You haven’t heard much from Do Science in October. The project has moved on to a stage where teachers call for support by way of resources needed but go about teaching their classes themselves. This is what I was striving for for everyone. For example we have provided chemicals for practical exam preparation and execution. The skeleton made a visit to Kiusa SS on Halloween. The students were reportedly excited and enthusiastic to see a life size skeleton illustrating what they had studied only theoretically.

I have appointed an executive committee of 3 local teachers. These teachers will run the Do Science workshops from January until June of 2012. I have confidence that these three teachers have the leadership skills, the creative passion as well as the time management skills required to take on this challenge. We have chosen tentative dates for the workshops and are making plans for introductions of the executive to our contacts at the Moshi Municipal Council as well as to individual schools. I will introduce the members in the next post.

We have had two executive meetings so far and will continue to meet regularly until I leave in January to return to Canada. This big step has given me renewed hope for the continuation of Do Science in Moshi. It will also allow me freedom to return to my job and to raise more funds for future Do Science Initiatives.

As I have mentioned before, most schools are now undergoing national exams and the year close end of November. We don’t plan to have any more group workshops but are organizing ourselves to make school visits to heads of schools to remind them of the Do Science opportunities in January.

Meanwhile I am busy with other commitments I have made to people in the community. Things are not easy here. Simple tasks take an enormous amount of time. I am getting good at waiting and this is good for the soul.