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Monthly Archives: March 2012

We are into 2012 and things are going well.  At home here in Canada, we are working to strengthen the framework for DST.

  • I am researching grants that DST might qualify for and have a couple in sight.
  • My sister Josephine is working on getting non profit charitable status for DST.
  • I am continuing to spread the word about the program.  I gave the plenary talk at the OCDSB Science Teacher’s Professional Development Day this February.  I will display at the Ontario Association of Physics Teachers Conference at Perimeter Institute in April.  I also look forward to giving smaller presentations at church and in the community.
  • I will be returning to Moshi for July / August to check on things, to administer the scholarships and arrange First Aid Training.  In preparation I am making lists and purchasing further equipment to take with me.

I am in regular communication with the local executive via email, skype and sms.  The team is working really well together.

I’m excited to report that 34 teachers attended this week’s workshop.  The leaders were short one due to Elirehema’s illness but everything ran smoothly.

The teachers were energetic and the photos are on the way.  There is a strong desire to have DST provide further First Aid Certification.  Red Cross in Moshi has a 4 day course that we will consider providing later this year.

Stay tuned for more details on this workshop.

On February 21, the team held the second workshop of 2012.  This year DST is providing stipends for teachers which is common practice in Tanzania.  Each teacher receives 10,000tsh which is equivalent to about $7 plus a small snack and a soda.  We believe this small acknowledgement will help to motivate higher attendance at the workshops.

This workshop was attended by 15 teachers.  We are working hard to get the numbers up for the future sessions.

Teachers were provided with application forms for the students scholarships.  These must get out to the potential candidates so that their applications can be submitted in June.

Sadly in Africa many students must leave school or jeopardize their achievements because their families cannot afford their school fees.  These students can end up on the street and involved in illegal activities in order to survive.

In 2012 Do Science is intitating the ‘Student Scholarship’ program.  This intitiative is entirely funded by directed donations.  Each $100 donation creates a scholarship to cover school fees for one year for one student in need.  This is a one time, no further commitment contribution.  Students must apply each year that they are in need.

The scholarships are awarded based primarily on financial need, passion for learning and any further criteria specified by the sponsor/donor.  Students do not need to be following a science program.

Students apply through their science teachers to DST.  Fees will be personally paid to the schools on behalf of the winners by a DST representative.  For 2012, the candiates will be selected and interviewed by Diana Hall and the fees paid directly by her in July of this same year.  Each year the number of scholarships awarded will depend on the donations made.