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Sadly in Africa many students must leave school or jeopardize their achievements because their families cannot afford their school fees.  These students can end up on the street and involved in illegal activities in order to survive.

In 2012 Do Science is intitating the ‘Student Scholarship’ program.  This intitiative is entirely funded by directed donations.  Each $100 donation creates a scholarship to cover school fees for one year for one student in need.  This is a one time, no further commitment contribution.  Students must apply each year that they are in need.

The scholarships are awarded based primarily on financial need, passion for learning and any further criteria specified by the sponsor/donor.  Students do not need to be following a science program.

Students apply through their science teachers to DST.  Fees will be personally paid to the schools on behalf of the winners by a DST representative.  For 2012, the candiates will be selected and interviewed by Diana Hall and the fees paid directly by her in July of this same year.  Each year the number of scholarships awarded will depend on the donations made.

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