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My idea for the student career workshop was very well received and I have now scheduled the third session for this Saturday and will likely need a fourth.

the form VI students from Moshi Academy came and we had an excellent session.  I invited some of them to return on saturday to faciilitate the next workshop and that was very successful.  These types of activites which required students to think beyond the curriculum were quite foreign to most of these students I think.

In this activity, students had to create a self portrait including any other images they wanted and being as creative as they choose.  Then another student would look at this artwork and list the characteristics that they think the drawing reflects.  Notice in the photo the use of colour in his portrait as well as in his wardrobe.


Another activity required students to design a structure and build only half of it.  They should create instructions for the other half and commission another group to build it.  Afterwards they should see if the two parts actuallly fit together.

Students brainstormed problems that face Tanzanians as a pe0ple and Tanzania as a country.  The idea is to identify professions that would deal with each one and to see which ones light a fire in them and which ones they might be willing to work / fight to improve.

The stability of different shapes was explored and it was discussed that these must be consdered when designing structures.  After they built a geodesic dome from rolled newspaper although it was only finished after the second day by another group.

satisfactionAt the end of the day students voiced the activities they enjoyed the most and what they learned.  It was a success and we are planning Part II for December.

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