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14 Biology Teachers from Moshi and I and Deo, went off to Arusha last Thursday.  Everyone was mostly on time except those that didn’t show up.  One had a good excuse as sadly he had had a house fire and all his possessions have now been burt.  The rest of us battled the traffic through Arusha and found the snake park in fairly good time.  They have many excellent guides and we had a good look around visiting the crocodiles, turtles and of course the snakes.  I don’t care much for snakes but found myself with one around my neck somehow.  There was a yellow baboon and a few birds.

Also at the park is a very interesting snake bite clinic where we saw a young boy who had been there for two weeks having had the bite site surgically cut out of his leg and was recuperatiing.  Another man had been there for one month.  The problem was they did not get treated straight away.  The nurses there are not trained nurses but learned via apprenticing with others.

There were camels, which the maasai were offering up for rides for $1.30 and a maasai cultural display and a maasai market.

We made the big mistake of heading into Arusha for lunch.  Massive traffic headaches and few places to park.  We ate in a tiny cafe which required musical chairs type activities for seating.  Next on the agenda was the National Park and Momela lakes.  Unfortunately the events where cut short when just inside the gate a large truch carrying concreate blocks plowed into the back of the car trying to evade the police who where trying to check his weight.  The rest of the day was spent at the police station and sadly the car is now in hospital.  We were very lucky that no one was hurt since the physics involved in that collision did not favour our vehicle.

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