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I just finished my third workshop with the students on getting to know yourself with careers in mind.  I continue to get lists of students from different schools who want to participate so I have to put on more.  I think it’s quite interesting to watch them interact with each other over activities that they haven’t ever done before.  Today we tried and activity to measure the speed of nerve impulses traveling through the body.  I learned this at an OAPT workshop and found it quite interesting.  The students had a tough time getting it together but we did get some results.  Quite a difference, not surprisingly between the Form IV and Form VI.  It was really difficult to get them to talk and carry on a discussion.  Think Pair Share only works as far as the pair, although one student did share what her partner thought.

I’m very happy with the work my student leaders are doing.  It has made my job ever so much easier.  Zahoro, Kilebo, Robert and Edward were there today and I am grateful.


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  1. You have already achieved so much in just one month.!
    Congratulations, Diana !

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