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Monthly Archives: December 2012

SAM_1873On Friday the new DST Executive got together to finalize plans for the upcoming season of workshops Jan – June.  I believe it was a productive meeting despite the fact that I had laryngitus and could not talk much at all.

I will spend my last week revising manuals, preparing kits for the January workshop and equiping executives with tools for communication.

Check out the new 2013 DST swag you see the exective modeling here.  On the back of the lab coats and T-shirts is written…”i do science”.

Happy 2013 everyone…..Diana


Bell Students Greeting

Natalie, Yen, Xinye, Christina, Aysha Shaun, Clara and Sonia (Grade 12 Physics Class from Bell High School) Hosts for the DST Student Workshop.

Well we got about 42 students of the 60 that were promised….not bad considering.  Most that came arrived again relatively on time.  We had no power for my 9 computers and projector that were an integral part of the days planned activities but fortunately an electrician was rounded up and the problem was rectified and we started only about 1/2 hour late.

After a welcome and setting objectives for the day….we started the workshops that my Physics students had compiled.  The first session ran a bit long due to everyone needing to become familiar with the acitivities but as the day ran on the leaders became more confident and things ran smoother.

“It is our hope to stimulate thinking about your possible career paths and promote analysis of your own suitability for each area of work.”

…from Bell students to workshop participants.

At lunch we had a science trivia contest, complements of Professor Noggin (GAME)


Tumaini conducts a round of an investment game? Would you rather invest in a restaurant at the North Pole, toeless socks or a hospital in NYC?

At the end of the day during the wrap up, Ali gave a beautiful message about the hopes that everyone will open their minds and keep their minds open as they move towards a fullfilling career. He said that many are fixed on one particular objective and are blind to other possibilities.  I am paraphrasing here but I wish I had had a video camera at the ready to record what he said.  It would have inspired me to learn how to embed a video on this blog.  Something I have yet to do.

The next day I received this text message from a student named Robert… “Oh Madame today I really enjoy the workshop.  And I have learned many things about medicines, humanitarianisms many things indeed madam me and my fellow we really thank you real show me the path of my career….thanx Robert”


These students are trying their hand at writing a newspaper article about a Tornado that has hit

Investigating the relationship between number of folds of paper and weight (number of pens) the bridge can hold.

Investigating the relationship between number of folds of paper and weight (number of pens) the bridge can hold.



At the computer programming workshop, students learn to think ‘outside the box’ by seeing multiple interpretations of some art pieces.

This bridge holds LOTS...ran out of pens

This bridge holds LOTS…ran out of pens

Who doesn't love playing 'Operation'.  These future doctors actually made some good connections with skills required for medicine and for reprercussions of not having such skills.

Who doesn’t love playing ‘Operation’?  These future doctors actually made some good connections with skills required for medicine and for repercussions of not having such skills.

Keeping the Ball in the air with your safety net...humanitarianism project team work.

Keeping the Ball in the air with your safety net…humanitarianism project team work.

Practicing the 'Trust Fall' ....humanitarianism workshop.

Practicing the ‘Trust Fall’ ….humanitarianism workshop.

SAM_1795Today Kilimanjaro is shining brightly.  Lots of snow last night.  Yesterday there was hardly any to see.

The workshop went well yesterday aside from some minor technical difficulties which should always be expected.  I’ll provide some highlights coming soon.

I’m back in Moshi as of Sunday and busilySAM_1662 getting ready to implement the student workshop on Friday. This is the workshop that my Grade 12 Physics Class at Bell has prepared on Career Development.  I met yesterday with my student facilitators to go over the material.  They seemed quite captivated by the activities so I’m optimistic all will be received well.

In the photo you can see them listening attentively to Shaun explaining his Medicine activities.SAM_1661

In the 3rd photo you see them sporting their soccer shirts, donated by Dr. Joynt of Stittsville.  They were all thrilled to add these colourful shirts to their wardrobes.



Stay tuned for news from Friday’s Workshop.