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Monthly Archives: January 2013

While I was in Moshi this visit, Tumaini Chacha, one of my Form VI student leaders came up with a great proposal.  Tumaini will be waiting for university admission from February when exams are completed up to October when University programs begins.  He would like to return to the Mara region, up near the Serengeti and Lake Victoria where he is from.  He will travel around to the village secondary schools, which really have no resources at all.  He will conduct student labs on curriculum topics which are required for national exams.  Some topics he has chosen are Food Tests, Dissection, Hooke’s Law, Refraction, Rates of Reaction and Chemical Reactions.

DST has compiled a suitcase full of science equipment for physics, chemistry and biology which Tumaini will cart around with him.    Tumaini has some experience doing such tutorials after Form IV, waiting for placement in Form V, but at that time he had no support or equipment.  I’m excited about this new venture and look forward to reading his reports.

This initiative is being financially supported by kind donation from the Eid family on behalf of Mahmoud Eid.