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Monthly Archives: March 2013

In the end I find myself here in Moshi over March Break.  We had a workshop on Wednesday which was attended by 29 teachers and leaders.SAM_0329

SAM_0330I took this opportunity to conduct a ssession on writing reference letters for scholarship applications.  This was something that clearly not many were experienced with as I noted from last year’s applications.

After this the panels conducted their own activities; Biology – preserving specimens; Chemistry – Preparation of specialize solutions through titration; Physics – Using moments to determine masses.



I SAM_0347passed on many teaching resources to the new Library at the Moshi Education Centre.  They were mostSAM_0349 appreciative and especially the book on teaching children with exceptionalities which was quickly snapped up and borrowed by Neema since the Library is not set up yet.

So I realize that I haven’t told anyone where the executive members from last year are now.  Last years executive was the first to take on these roles and I commend them for their passion, energy and dedication to science education and to supporting their fellow teachers.  Here’s what they are up to now.

Neema Kisanga (past chairperson and Biology Panel leader) – Neema has returned to University to work on her science degree and to specialize in teaching students with exceptionalities, specifically the deaf and hard of hearing.  I have seen her recently and she is doing well.  She is out of town for school but came to the March workshop and it was great to see her.

Elirehema (Co Biology Leader) – Elirehema is continuing in his position at Moshi Secondary School.  He has been placed in Geography courses so is not actively teaching science.  He has many other responsibilities such as Assistant  Head Master in charge of discipline.  He continues to support Do Science and attends executive meetings in an advisory role.

Meshack (Physics / Chemistry Leader) – Meshack has left Kiborliloni school and is pursuing interests outside the region.

086Sorry for the lack of communication since January.  Things have been running well behind the scences.  I’ve been in Canada and the Do Science Leadership team has been hard at work here in Moshi.

They held two workshops, January and February and the attendance has been 25 or 30 teachers each time.

The new expanded executive has been great ensuring that no one teacher is overburdened with responsibility and Mme Bertha has been doing an excellent job overseeing everything.   I’ll give some executive updates in the next post.