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So I realize that I haven’t told anyone where the executive members from last year are now.  Last years executive was the first to take on these roles and I commend them for their passion, energy and dedication to science education and to supporting their fellow teachers.  Here’s what they are up to now.

Neema Kisanga (past chairperson and Biology Panel leader) – Neema has returned to University to work on her science degree and to specialize in teaching students with exceptionalities, specifically the deaf and hard of hearing.  I have seen her recently and she is doing well.  She is out of town for school but came to the March workshop and it was great to see her.

Elirehema (Co Biology Leader) – Elirehema is continuing in his position at Moshi Secondary School.  He has been placed in Geography courses so is not actively teaching science.  He has many other responsibilities such as Assistant  Head Master in charge of discipline.  He continues to support Do Science and attends executive meetings in an advisory role.

Meshack (Physics / Chemistry Leader) – Meshack has left Kiborliloni school and is pursuing interests outside the region.

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