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Monthly Archives: August 2013

I am interviewing for scholarships today.  I met the clear winner of the Mahmoud Award so I’m very happy.  All the others were well deserving too.  I’ll have them all finished up this week…fingers crossed.  I see the line at the bank is quite long these days.

The teachers workshop was held on the 17th.  It was a huge surprise to find that teachers were alreadyDSC00090 waiting before I arrived and by 8:45 most had arrived and were already involved in their panel activities.  The workshop doesn’t start until 9:00.  Wow!  We’ve come a long way.

The Biologists were working on making dichotomous keys to categorize different species of insects and plants.  The Chemists were preparing some 2 Molar Hydrochloric Acid for their experiment on Rates of Reaction.  The physicists were split in two groups working on Optics and Resistance.

They worked very efficiently throughout the day and had enough time to thoroughly finish their investigations.   The neatest thing was watching the biology panel make their own skeleton out of paper mache.  Not the kind of paper mache I know.

DSC00102First you have to soak the paper the night before and to rip it up in tiny bits.  Then you make the porridge which first requires you to make a fire.  Fortunately this bibi is making lunch for the school children so was happy to help out.


They framed the bones using wire of various thicknesses and then applied the gooey paste of newspaper and glue to form the bones.DSC00123


The Physicists did some surgery on a voltmeter that had seen better days.  Just another day for these teachers.  They were successful in the end.  They were working on an experiment to determine the resistance of a rheostat.  Alternately they worked on developing the relationship between the number of images produced in a hinged plane mirror and the angle between them.


The Chemistry teachers learned to shape a delivery tube using the Bunsen burner.  Then the experimented with the rates of reaction of CaCO3 and HCl by varying the size of particles.  Several teachers had not done this before.


The day ran very smoothly and we finished up with some pilau and sodas all around (except for those fasting for Rhamadan).