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foot printsDo Science is entering the 4th year of operations.  Since the beginning I have been providing regular progress reports to the Municipal Council of Moshi, Education Department.  The Kilimanjaro Regional Education Officer has inquired if we could consider expanding outside the city of Moshi.  While I can see many obstacles to this, we are approaching the suggestion with optimism and open minds.

Our hope is to organize a workshop in 2014 for teachers of surrounding village schools.  Currently I am trying to find a realistic time when I can be there.  Either first thing in January or over March Break look like practical possibilities.  The objective would be to assess current practices and brainstorm ideas for professional development and program support for these teachers.

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  1. Bravo,it stimulating so I have one suggestion if you are facing some kind of barriers I am sure you are,plan something like mobile practicals. a request if you can find a dvd concerning evolution of jaws in vertebrates,it is important in the field of science

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