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Monthly Archives: April 2014

My trip was smooth but quick.  A very busy week what with DST workshop, sorting out students at school and friends in the village.  Do Science workshop are continuing to be successful although the challenges of doing these activities in the classrooms with large numbers of students continues to be an issue.  Perhaps I’ll have to take another sabbatical in order to join them and support them in their classes.  Unfortunately that is not possible.


The workshop was well attended with 40 teachers attending.  The biology team was doing a rat dissection and testing leaves for protein.  In this picture they are extracting the protein from the leaf after which they will conduct the protein test on the green solution.


The chemists were conducting studies of mass differences for electrodes in electrochemical cells. InSAM_2231 this photo teachers are allowing the cell to run, expecting to find additional mass on one electrode and less on the other as the ions transfer through the solution.







The Physics panel was working on the  density of liquids and solids.  In this photo they are measuring the relative height of the oil vs. the unknown liquid.







Aside from my work with DST I am trying to support a family from the village of Marangu.  This trip I brought walker for the 90 year old great grandmother.  The smile on her face shows how happy she was.  She has quite a lot of trouble walking and this allows her to get outside much more.  Prosper is decked out in my nephew Philips castoffs.  He has joined our home in Moshi and has started an apprenticeship with a Mechanic there.  Deo, Anna and Baracka are my Tanzanian family.  Anna is 9, in Grade 3, Baracka is 6 in Grade 2 and Deo drives visitors to and from Trail Heads and Airports etc. for our Business called ‘Double D Transfers’.


DSC00295This is my home in Moshi.  I had it built …not with DST funds be assured.  We have power as of 1 month which is great.  It took a full year to get it.  Nice to have a refrigerator.

I thought it would be spring upon returning to Canada….I was wrong but I am thankful the weather is better than in Newfoundland.

I will return in July to administer the Student Scholarships.

That’s the update for now….