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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Mohamed CostaThis year we awarded 13 Moshi students with scholarships to pay their school fees.  The selection is a challenge since there are so many students in need and it is difficult to differentiate. 

I awarded Mohamed Costa with the Mahmoud Eid award with no hesitation.  He is a student who actually failed out of Form IV two years ago.  In Tanzania there are no second chances.  If you fail then you are not allowed to re-enter a government school.  Mohamed was out of school for 1.5 years and realized what he needed to do in order to have a good life.  The only option for him was to apply to a private school which he did, even though he had no idea how he would pay the very high fees which are almost 10 times those of the government school.  Although Mohamed has no financial support nor encouragement from his family he is determined to get an education.  I was impressed by the confidence he showed in his firm handshake and his loud speaking voice.  He has clear goals and a determination which is evident as he explains his situation.  He definitely has the Mahmoud smile and I am confident that he will find a way to pay the rest of his fees to continue with his education.

The other scholarship recipients are…Amina Mshana, Amina Athumani, Brenda Neressa, Deogratious Donald, Leah Mgaya, Jacob Moshi, Hamisi Selenani, Mary Membe, Rehema Mbwambo, Veronica Chombo, Victor Masamora, Jasmini Ramadhan and Eliya Simgani.

Amina MshanaAmina AthumaniBrenda Ngeressa Deogratious Donald Hamisi Selenani Jacob Moshi Leah Mgaya Mary Membe Rehema Mbwambo Veronica Chombo Victor MasamoraJasmini2Eliya Simbani2

One a side note….remember in the old days, standing in line at the bank?  I took a number at the bank in Moshi before 1pm and got served at 5:30pm.  Meanwhile I stepped out to do some business at a different bank, returning to be told I was expected to sit in the bank for those 4.5 hours.  Paying the school fees is an agonizing chore and once it’s done you feel a sense not unlike having climbed the mountain.  So next time your internet provider is running slow or you have to wait in line to return something in a store….think back to when everything was done by hand and remember it could be much worse.  Yes they have computers in the banks but somehow the number of people all paying fees and doing banking in person is more than this bank can handle….done for another year.