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Monthly Archives: February 2016

I was excited to hear about the new governments plans to support education by reducing fees for students.  Sadly this has now had a huge impact on our DST workshop for this month.

Yesterday only one teacher showed up for the session.  Word has it that school budgets are suffering and not only is there no money to provide stipends for teachers to attend the workshops but some schools are short of money for lunches as well.  Teachers are hesitant to spend their own money getting to the workshops only to turn around and improve the programs for the schools.  Understandably they are a bit angry.  Not sure how this may or may not affect their paycheques.  I haven’t heard anything about that but I would not be surprised if this causes delays in being paid.

Hopefully this will all be resolved as the government becomes apprised of the implications of their new “no school fees” for students policy.  Undoubtedly they will have to subsidize the schools for this new hole in their budgets.

I’ll need to ponder this a bit before deciding how to proceed.

(On a side note, January’s workshop was cancelled as Robert was sent way far out of town to help with a training program and Elizabeth’s mother died and she was attending to funeral arrangements and family business.  All teachers were appropriately notified in advance….Condolences and support were sent to Elizabeth and her family on behalf of DST and Deo was able to help out by providing transportation to the funeral.)


I visited Moshi at Christmas and was pleased to host a small party for my present and former workshop leaders.  We used our new outdoor brick bar-b-q to cook up some skewers of beef which we paired up with chips and salad.  I had brought a fruit cake from home which was new to everyone.  Not really sure if anyone liked it but they were all polite and Bertha served each person as is customary, going around and saying a nice thing about each one and offering them a bite of cake.  SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

We discussed plans and set dates for the workshops in 2016.  I am happy that Elizabeth and Robert agreed to continue to run them.