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It’s August again and I’ve been back for 3 weeks.  We had a workshop which was attended by 13 teachers but mostly from one school so I was feeling a little discouraged.  I’ve been in to speak with the Education Officer of the Municipal Council and had an encouraging meeting with him.  He is very familiar with Do Science and supports our efforts completely.

I learned that the money lacking from school fees IS  being supplemented by the government but this year things are a bit disorganized since it is the first year of the new financial structure.  He told me he will be meeting with the Head Teachers in August and that he will address the topic of Do Science and suggest that they schools should be planning for their teachers to attend in the 2017 year.  This means that there is money in the budget and agreed that it was a great way for teachers to be fulfilling their requirement to continue to develop professionally.  I am preparing a package for him to present to the schools including a poster and some reminder calendars.

I’ve been more organized this year with my scholarships and have them mostly completed.  Although we had less money for scholarships this year we were able to give 17 awards since most only need money for food and not school fees.  There are some that still have prior debts to pay and a few that are in college, where the fees are quite high.  2,250,000 tsh per year which is about $1500.

The weather is wonderful and the maize crop is ready for harvest.  The town is growing up and I see new progress every time I come.  The dust, however, is something that will never be resolved.  I hope some day to pave my yard with stones.

Sorry for the hot summer you are having and for the awful things in the world that are happening.  I feel very lucky.

DST Calendar Poster

2017 Calendars2017 Calendar Back Side


  1. I am glad to read of your meeting with the Municipal Council about the ever changing financial situation at the schools there. Diana, your dedication to the DST cause has paid off for so many students and your perseverance will keep benefiting more students next year. What a busy summer! Congratulations of all your endeavors!

  2. I mean students AND teachers

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