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Monthly Archives: February 2017

There were 19 teachers at the January workshop last week.  I see the Biology 20170130_1017001teachers working with the new heart models that I purchased recently.  Some said they had received information from the Head Teachers and others not.

Today is the first day of my retirement.  I will be heading over in April and staying until October which will give me a proper chance to do some assessments on the program.

20170130_101623120170201_1613081Yesterday I heard that a violent storm swept through our neighbourhood.  It lasted only one hour but came with strong winds and a LOT of rain.  The brick wall on one side of my property was blown down and several banana and other kinds of trees were broken.

Other people in the neighbourhood lost walls as well as parts of their roofs.  There is a Water Church near us that is held in a large tent.  It was totally blown away.  This is very rare and very isolated as in Moshi town it didn’t even rain at all.

So it’s the 7th year for Do Science and it looks like we will continue with the workshops and I look forward to being there and being more involved personally.