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Over-The-Counter-DrugsYou might remember Tumaini Chacha.  He was the boy who took the suitcase of science apparatus to Mara region to spread  the word of science to students there.  He was one of the first scholarship recipients from DST.  This allowed him to pay of his secondary school dept and proceed to University.  He has been very resourceful and innovative in finding money for school fees since then.  He has now graduated with a diploma as a Medical Officer.  Tumaini has started a business providing medical testing and information.Anti Malarials

Here is an excerpt from his recent email….

“Personally I thank you much since in one way or another you supported me much and now I’m even able to pay a school fees for my young brothers and sisters. Currently I have taken them to Private schools,

Two are in form six and two are in form four for this year, so is something to thank God and all of you who put their hands on my studies.

Best regards.


I am very proud of Tumaini’s success story and the small part that Do Science played in his road.


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