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It is after much consideration that I announce the following changes to Do Science for the coming year 2018..

  • Teacher workshops have been suspended for 2018.  Getting consistent participation and motivated teachers to work towards the goals of Do Science has proven to be challenging.  I hope that in the future support from the municipality and from school administrators will allow is to revisit the workshop program.  
  • The lending library of equipment will continue.  Teachers are encouraged to borrow equipment to be used in their classrooms.  Equipment that is not being used will be brought back to Canada and donated to schools in need up North.
  • The student scholarship program will continue.  Do Science is aware of the continued struggles facing many students who haven’t the funds to pay for notebooks, uniforms and lunch.  DST will continue to assess applications and support these students as we have for the past 6 years.  Donations made to Do Science for this purpose are guaranteed to reach the students with more than 100% of the donation being spent on school support for the recipients.  As always, money is paid directly to the school account for lunch and used to buy notebooks and uniforms directly.  These items and the receipts for funds paid are then presented to the students..


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