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Does this project sound interesting to you?

Are you a science teacher with workshop and leadership experience?

Would you consider spending some time here in Tanzania as a facilitator for the project?

If so, please drop me a note and lets talk.  It is my intention to keep the project running after I return to Canada.  I plan to alternate my time between Do Science and my job in Ontario and will need someone or some people to support the teachers here while I am away.

You can contact me at:




  1. I like science in Tanzania.

  2. congratulation.
    effective objective to academic perfrormance

    • Tumaini Mwita chacha
    • Posted December 31, 2012 at 1:06 pm
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    I appreciate madam Dianna for what she have done
    may God bless her.

  3. I was a student of moshi technical sec school 2013 combination of PCB. Now im studying degree, bachelor of sciece in Ed . Bilogy at St joseph university. Im very interested with do science tanzania. How can i be a member?

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