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The first workshop of 2015 was held this past Monday. Displaying SAM_2780.JPG There was a quality group of 15 invested teachers in attendance.  The numbers are down as expected (see last post) but the reports are that these teachers were intensely involved and had really good discussions.

potatoOne of the activities they performed was to find the isotonic point of potatoes.  Water enters or leaves the cells of the potato depending on the relative concentrations of solute.  The environment becomes isotonic when the concentrations become equal and no further movement of water occurs.

Displaying SAM_2805.JPGI’m happy with the outcome.  I have no news on whether the Municipal Council has sent the letters out to Head Teachers yet however I think we can work from here.  This is a positive start to the year.

Thank you to Robert, Elizabeth and Deo for having a successful day.

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