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Monthly Archives: December 2011

It’s December 20th today.  Teachers here are still working unless they have taken official leave.  Tanzanian teachers have 29 days of leave to be taken when they like.  Many will take some during December but also many teachers are at school marking exams and preparing for the new year.

The National Exams are marked centrally. Teachers are ‘invited’ to participate in the marking.  They are paid about 20 cents per exam.  The have to go and live together for up to two weeks.  They work day and evening with little time for sleep and not very elaborate meals.  The work is tedious and exhausting however, a teacher can make a little extra money at this special time of year.

The executive committee of DST has been meeting frequently and have planned activities for the January 30th workshop.  Everyone is enthusiastic and have come up with some great ideas.

I am getting things in the Equipment Library organized for easy accessibility by others when I return to Canada.

Things are coming together and oh yes, I think it is Christmas soon.  You really don’t notice the build up to Christmas here as the commercial hype is nonexistent. No one talks about Gifts or spending money at all.  I asked a boy today if he celebrated Christmas.  He said he did and when I asked him what he does, he says he goes to church.  I guess that is how it should be.  I think many families will get together and share good food and company.

I will be missing my family this Christmas but look forward to a retake on January 25.