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Monthly Archives: February 2012

In January I returned to my teaching job at Bell High School in Canada.  I left DST in the capable hands of the local executive.  The workshops are contining and the equipment is still accessible to teachers through the Lending Library.  I am working closely with them via internet to help organize and provide activities where I can.

Standing Waves on a string

The first workshop was held on January 20.  The physics teachers got to play with the new frequency generator donated by Amanda Stevado (former student of mine) and her husband Trevor.  The generator was brought to us via a physics teacher from Spain who was coming to teach in Dar Es Salam.  I had previously found it difficult to purchase this item due to the power rating of 240V in Tanzania.  The teachers reportedly had great fun investigating activities it can be used for.

Resonance in Air Columns

Biology teachers investigated the process of Photosynthesis while the Chemistry teachers performed experiments on Rates of Reaction.

I am so happy to have the team of Neema, Elirehema and Meshack there to conduct the workshops.  They are an essential part of DST.