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Monthly Archives: April 2013


Students study this foreign measuring instrument (an electronic scale)

Tumaini has been conducting several student workshops up near the Serengeti in his region of Mara.  His work is recieving much praise and excitement from the teachers and students.  He is bringing science to life for these motivated students.
Here are a couple of messages from Tumaini…

Hi madam!
According to the large number of students in our schools I have decided to rotate through only five schools. As below
1.Bungurere sec school
2.Itiryo secondary school
3.Nyamwaga hill sec school
4.Nyanungu sec school
5.Bwiregi sec school.
Either (also) I have decided to conduct two session per month!
I normally deal with the following topics


Food Testing….yes they need to learn to all use safety glasses

food test
flowers dissection
Hook’s law

Up to the moment I have made three session at Itiryo sec school and Bungurere sec school.

Soon I am planning to vist Nyamwaga sec school.

I am dealing with form two up to form for only.
So the photos I sent you was some  from Bungurere sec school
and Itiryo sec school.

SAM_0139BHi Madam

Did you enjoyed how the students are happy on putting their hands on science?
I need to send you a picture of how I travel with the equipments by bicycle sometimes.  Thanks my dear madam.

May God bless you
….Yesterday on the way to Itiryo sec school, my two thermometer was broken down accidentally!
Hi madam!  The program is well although the environment is hard! Worry not
>> for being quiet is due to environmental condition,  today I conducted a
>> practical of food test at Itiryo secondary school,
>> the headmaster of the school is so happy for that!
>> Either he promised to coparate with us!
>> The school is new and he needs his students to performe well!
>> he is going to contact madam Msaki.


Students investigating a voltmeter

I am so proud of Tumaini’s work and am planning a cross country trip to visit him this coming August and witness his classes first hand.  Fortunately for me, I will get a chance to cross the Ngorongoro National Park and Serengeti on the way.